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Bobcat Pause

Bobcat Pause


Bobcat Pause is an annual event that honors members of the campus community who have recently passed away. The event is annually sponsored by Student Foundation and the Dean of Students Office.

This year will mark the 30th Annual Bobcat Pause Memorial Service, which will take place in the LBJ Student Center Ballroom on April 12, 2017 at 6 p.m., with a reception preceding the ceremony starting at 5:15 p.m.

All Welcome!

Bobcat Pause Guest Book

Student Foundation and the Dean of Students Office invites all students, faculty, staff, administration and guests to use the online guest book to submit tributes in honor of deceased loved ones. With your permission, these tributes will be posted on this website and may be used during Bobcat Pause Memorial services. Click here to view the guestbook tributes.


We ask your help in reviewing the list of current students and current and retired faculty and staff who passed away during the past year (March 1, 2015 - March 1, 2016). If you are aware of an omission or inaccuracy, please contact Stacy Stokes Batts at 512.245.3601 or Thank you.



Ward Adams

Loretta Álvarez

María Barrios

Paden Drozd

Merrill Fellows

Daniel Fernández

Ronald Finke

Olan Frymire

Justin Gage

Eric García

Robert Gaston Jr. 

Marguerite Gillis

Aubrey Daniel Greer

Daniel Hannon

Robert Hernández

Victor Holk

William Hollingsworth

John Hood

Oscar Kozlowski

Luba Laws

Howard Levy

David Lippmann

Kay Marlow

Henry McEwen

Ruth Murphy

Charles Neunhoffer

William Newberry

James Pohl

Robert Pulver

Otis Reese

Joseph Richmond

Jesús Rodríguez

John Rosenbalm

Irene Sánchez

Francisco Sierra

Arthur Spear

Mary-Anges Taylor

Theodore P. Trip

William Trevillion

Alice Yannuzzi