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Bobcat Pause Archive 2012

Nicole Leigh Danford

Nicole Danford

Honored by: David and Pamela Danford, parents


We look at her picture and see that great smile and we know who Nicole really is. She loved her family and friends and people were drawn to her personality. She brought joy and laughter to our lives which will remain in our hearts forever. Baby girl, we wish we had "just five more minutes."

Nicole Danford
Nicole Danford

Honored by: Denise Callaway, family friend

Nicole was one of the sweetest girls I know. Her bright smile and personality lit up every room she entered. She was a dear friend of my son's and our family misses her presence every day!!

Nicole...though you are not with us, your memory will live on in our hearts. We will forever remember your smile. You have touched our lives in a way only a few people do, our beautiful butterfly...

Nicole Danford and friend

Honored by: Dempsey Bonner, friend

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Your picture is sitting next to my sister Lyndsi's, and every day both of you help remind me there is a reason for why I walk this earth. I have learned to appreciate every day, live it to the fullest, and savor the moments with friends and family, because I never know when it could be the last. I was blessed to have you a part of my life, and I want to say thank you for all the great and wonderful memories we shared. Your signs from above give me hope of one day seeing you again. I look forward to that day! In the meantime, I will forever remember your smile, laugh, and love you showed not only to me but to everyone. I miss you and love you!

Nicole Danford
Nicole's prom pedicure

Honored by: Lucretia Lyons, family friend

"If I Listen Closely I Can Hear The Rustle Of Angel Wings...And I Know You're Still With Us"

Your smile and kind heart touched everyone around you. Our lives will forever be changed just knowing you. You will forever be missed but never forgotten, always in our hearts

Nicole Danford and Colt

Honored by: Tonya Degges and Colton Rios, family friends

Nicole Danford was one of those exceptional young adults with a bright future ahead. It isn't in her passing that we have only recognized this. The first time we met her, we could see the beauty of her heart that radiated from her smile. She was the type of girl that you would be proud to have as a daughter. Or, the kind of girl that you thank God for when your son says, "Mom, I feel different about this girl."

I'm writing this on my son's behalf. The depth of the pain in his heart still doesn't allow him to openly talk about the impression she had on his life. So Nicole, from us, thank you for your beautiful smile and your light-hearted personality! Thank you for your exceptional example of the way to live life to the fullest! Most of all, thank you for the yellow butterflies that are here to remind us, "that we are not alone." Until we meet again! 


Zachary Ferguson

Zachary Ferguson
Zachary Ferguson

Honored by: Roxana Tuff, faculty

Zachary was an amazingly talented, thoughtful and ambitious student. Everyone recognized his artistic sensitivity, willingness to learn, and natural ability. Zach showed a deep passion for drawing and photography and excelled at both. He was soft-spoken and very articulate, but often with a poignant undertone.

I only knew Zachary for five weeks, but I was impacted greatly by the beauty and honesty of his personality. I hold very special memories of the gentle and considerate young man who I am sure taught me more than I ever taught him.

Thank you, Zach.

John Patrick Fox

John Fox
John Patrick Fox

Honored by: John Patrick Fox, younger brother

We all miss you very much, Johnny. I think about you all the time. You are still the closest person to me in the world, and I love you with all my whole heart. I miss your hugs and your big smiling face. I love you, brother. I miss you so much.

Lauren Gauthier

Lauren Gauthier
Lauren Gauthier

Honored by: Rusty, Darlene and Heather Gauthier, parents and sister

Lauren, you were a bright and beautiful woman who made the world a better place during your time with us. We carry your wit, charm, kindness, humor, and love with us deep in our hearts where you are never far away.

Lauren Gauthier
Lauren Gauthier

Honored by Heather Gauthier, sister

You were my best friend and partner in crime. You were such a character, always going out of your way to make people smile! You were more intelligent than you led on, and you're outgoing, loving personality really made you the whole package. You're obvious beauty made others jealous and made me proud that you were my sister. I miss you and love you always! 

Dr. Allen Hellman

Dr. Allen Hellman
Dr. Allen Hellman

Honored by: Angelika Wahl, friend

Al Hellman was truly one of a kind! He was extremely loving, intelligent, funny, passionate about Texas State - the list goes on and on. I miss his beautiful stories and his amazing smile. His stories included travel, of course, Geography lessons, and always a bit of mischief. We miss him dearly...

Eirin Hicks

Eirin Hicks
Eirin Hicks

Honored by: Shanna Schultz, friend

I only knew Eirin a short time when she dedicated her time to running as a Senator for On Campus students. However, just because our time was short doesn't change the impact you made on my life.

I so appreciated your kindness, warmth and energy last spring. You encouraged the people around you, even if you didn't know who they were. The day you got elected, I knew you would work hard to impact the lives of every student you met and I was so excited that you had that opportunity.

It's hard to believe that you're gone and sometimes I still think I see your face around campus.

You were a great associate, friend and Bobcat. You are greatly missed.

Fernando Gabriel "F.G." Quiz

Fernando "F.G." Quiz
Fernando "F.G." Quiz

Honored by: Alyssa Quiz, sister

F.G. was only a year and ten months younger than me and my only sibling. We experienced everything together, even in college. I am so glad and proud to not only have him as a brother, but also as a friend. Growing up, he was so adventurous and loved to be at the center of attention. Such a daredevil! He was incredibly smart with a great sense of humor. It was no wonder why he had so many different friends. Though he was only with us for a short 21 years, he had made a lifetime impact on so many lives.

- I love you very much F.G. and will always miss you with all my heart. Thank you for being the brother you were, I wouldn't be me without you in my life. I'll miss your smile, laugh and one of a kind personality the most. Till next time little broho.

Honored by: Kelly Ruiz, old friend

F.G. always had a contagious smile and a great sense of humor that I will never forget; you're always in my thoughts, F.G.

Honored by: Ceci Lozano, friend

F.G. was a wonderful young man who was never seen without a smile or big grin on his face. He will be missed by many who love him.

In honor of F.G., please don't let one day go by without telling those you care about that they are special and loved.

Honored by: Adriana Fernandez, family friend

F.G. was the most amazingly creative and awesome young man. His innocence was something to admire yet his wisdom was something that was indescribeable. Knowing him all of my life, I am truly honored to have known him and his beautiful spirit. He had an influence that reached masses and I hope that from his death people will become aware of the dangers of dabbling. I love you and miss you dear friend!

Fernando "F.G." Quiz with his mother
Fernando "F.G." Quiz with his mother

Honored by: Drs. Fernando (Class of '83) and Miriam Quiz, parents

I always told our son he came into this world to conquer it on his own terms. His peronality, wit, intelligence, contagious smile, but most importantly, his zest for life was unquenchable.

When I would hear and play the soundtrack to the "Sound of Music" I would always point out to F.G. that Rogers and Hammerstein had penned his vivaciousness perfectly in these particular lyrics:

How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
How do you keep a wave upon the sand?
How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?
He'll out pester any pest
Drive a hornet from its nest
He could throw a whirling dervish out of whirl...

That was our F.G., never a dull moment!!! He is missed so much that at times we have to remind ourselves to breathe. Although he was called home after 21 years with us, F.G. lived a wonderful life and was a friend to many. F.G. was a special gift, a blessing who will remain in our hearts and memories forever.

Honored by: Nereida P. Menchaca, friend

I met F.G. last year in November, 2011 while visiting with his mother. We were having a late dinner when F.G. walked in with his dachshund dog "Penny" in tow. I remember thinking how tall and handsome he looked, and that "smile"...what a gorgeous smile!!! His mother proceeded to introduce us and I just had to ask him for a hug, for which he obliged without hesitation. It was the most gentle, most sweetest, most loving genuine hug ever. It felt as though I was hugging my son. Needless to say, F.G. won over my heart on that day.

It was an honor and a privilege to have met F.G. and even though I never had the chance to see him again, I will forever cherish and hold this one beautiful memory of F.G. dear to my heart.

Thanks for the hug, F.G.!!!

Fernando "F.G." Quiz
Fernando "F.G." Quiz

Honored by: Raul Conchas, friend

F.G. was basically my idol growing up. I met him playing video games at a game store and that's where the relationship started. He was always there for me if I ever needed him, up to the day he left this world. His personality was one of a kind that no one could ever come close to. He was always putting a smile on everyone's face and shared with the world his one of a kind smile as well. He was the most kind-hearted person in the world, and I know he's looking down from heaven now, keeping a good eye on all of his family and friends. We will miss you bro.

Honored by: Terry Fernandez, friend

Knowing F.G. since birth and watching him grow up to be an intelligent and handsome young man has been an honor for me and my family. His sense of humor and mischievousness will always be a memory I cherish. Most especially since my son and he, when together, were so alike, always getting into something and when caught, the little smiles and the glimmer in their eyes told it all, guilty!! Sweet childhood memories. Those eyes and that smile will be missed.

Honored by: Daniela Lopez, family friend

F.G. had a unique mind and soul. He had one of the most beautiful smiles that I ever came across. We always connected on music and shared many laughs. He was a bright beautiful person and he will always be missed. We love you buddy.

Fernando "F.G." Quiz with his great aunt
Fernando "F.G." Quiz with his great aunt

Honored by: Sylvia Rodriguez, great-aunt

F.G. was my late sister's only grandson and was the grandson I never had. I will always remember his great smile and sense of humor. He was a prankster, but in a good way. He appreciated music like his father and could name you any current and past musical group. He was our computer whiz and a master at video games. He was smart, witty, extremely sensitive, and above all, he was loved by all of us. We sorely miss you, F.G.

Honored by: Melba Muniz-Foster, maternal aunt

F.G. was a free spirited young man who left us far too soon...

F.G. was a fun loving kid who enjoyed playing jokes and pranks on the people he loved! He was full of mischief and was always looking for the next great adventure! Nothing gave him greater joy than to completely and unequivocally annoy his family (in a loving fashion)!! Yet, in contrast, F.G. was also extremely sensitive toward his friends and family and carried the burdens of the world. Nonetheless, F.G. enjoyed life to the fullest and was a shining star to his family and friends. His enthusiastic zest for life and fun will be missed by those whose lives he touched! 

Honored by: Robert and Sylvia Cyprian, neighbors

May F.G.'s spirit live in all who were touched by his sense of humor and love for life.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

Fernando "F.G." Quiz
Fernando "F.G." Quiz

Honored by: Patricia Quiz Trimble, aunt

F.G. will be remembered as a sharp, compassionate, loving child of God. He was an active member of his church. He was sensitive to the injustices that occurred in the world. He recognized others in need and advocated for resources to help these persons lead more safe, loving lives. He had profound capabilities with computers. He greeted others with an infectious smile and eyes that sparkled with enthusiasm. He had a great sense of humor. His physical and semantic humor often caused one to laugh "a carcajadas." He was deeply loved by his family, community, and a dog, Penny.

Honored by: Kathleen Perez, friend

Although I never knew or got the chance to know F.G. in a personal/friendship way, I very fondly remember that the times I did get to talk to him were very pure. F.G. was the most well brought up gentleman I knew. Every time his sister Alyssa introduced him, he shook your hand and smiled like he was going to be your friend forever. It's people like that that can make the biggest impact in your life and help you believe that there ARE good people in this world. F.G. is the perfect example of what people should be, and if more people were like F.G., I know this world would be a better place. <3

Honored by: Maria L. Muniz Lozano, grand-aunt

What is forever engraved in my heart is that gorgeous, impish smile that F.G. flashed at me, particularly when he had done something which he shouldn't have done. Like when he decided to trim his hair with the shaver without looking in the mirror. I was baby-sitting him and Alyssa while his parents were in San Antonio. Have you ever seen a wet rat that just touched a live wire? There was F.G. standing at the doorframe, looking at me with that grin and twinkling eyes. Yet, he was such a loving and caring young man. I will always love you, F.G. I can see you looking down from heaven and sending me that smile. Love you forever.

Tia Licha

F.G. Quiz

Honored by: Helena & Ben Vasquez, nephew

Such a beautiful soul with his "sunshining" smiling face graced with his quirky gestures, a very warm, thoughtful, giving heart and his joyous laughter are the very core we honor about my nephew and is what we desire to share with others in this tribute.

As we continue to hold FG in the eternal light of LOVE within our hearts...we wish to close this tribute with the following...

It's so hard to BElieve that you're really gone
And to know that we will no longer
See your smiling face
Or hear the sound of your laughter,
You left so many memories, which will never part
You will always live deep inside our hearts
We are thankful that God graced us
With someone as special as YOU
It's just hard to BElieve
Your life on Earth is really through!

We love you mijo!...Flow with the journey!..tia Lena & tio Ben

Honored by: Catherine Fernandez, family friend

F.G. was the type of person who could make anyone laugh and feel right at home. Even if you hadn't talked to him in a while, he would still greet you with that amazing smile as if no time had passed. He was the most genuine and kindhearted person I had ever met and we will all miss him dearly! I look forward to seeing him again one day! F.G., thank you so much for being a part of my childhood!

F.G. Quiz

Honored by: Mariana Rosas, friend

F.G. had such a beautiful soul and had a powerful, loveable personality. He was handsome, hilarious, generous, intelligent and a "sweetie." I thank God I was blessed to have met such an extraordinary human being. We all love and miss him very much. We will see you soon, my friend.

Honored by: Martha Franco, friend

I have known FG since we were little kids playing on the playground. FG was one of a kind. He had the ability to make even the worst situation better. His kind spirit and smile that lit up the room, that smile will be missed forever but never forgotten. There are so many wonderful memories that I always think of when his name comes up. I know he is probably making everyone up there laugh right this second. I miss you old friend. Please don't stop visiting my dreams and making your presence be known with your music. I love you and miss you so very much.

Thank you for the amazing memories. I miss you dude!!!

Honored by: JL, friend

We will always remember you. You will be missed.

Enrique Recio III

Enrique Recio III
Enrique Recio III

Honored by: Enrique Recio, father

Enrique was a great son. He was always there for his family, no matter what. He would help anybody and got along with everybody. Enrique loved to cook, he was always the first volunteer in the kitchen or would just plain take over. He was an avid fisherman. He fished with me at the coast and in the surrounding lakes. Victor (Enrique's younger brother) and I are going to miss fishing with him. He touched so many lives and will be missed by all. I love you son and you are always in my heart.

Honored by: Lilia Rios, aunt

Enrique is my favorite nephew, every time that I would see him he would give me a big bear hug and a big kiss on the cheek. He would always be in a happy mood - I never saw him mad or sad. He will be missed so much by all of his family and friends, but he will always and always be in our hearts.


Enrique Recio III
Enrique Recio III

Honored by: Allegra Siller, girlfriend

Enrique touched not only my life, but the lives of everyone that he spent time with. Enrique's compassionate and humble nature will never be forgotten. Enrique's willingness to help wherever needed and his ability to always show kindness towards others are examples that continue to lead us all. Enrique was smart, funny, and personable. His impeccable comedic timing and warm embraces are sorely missed. The image of your smile, Enrique, will forever remain etched in our memories.

Cecyl David Stott

Cecyl D. Stott
Cecyl D. Stott

A man whose teaching continues to live on.

April 20, 1937 - August 20, 2011

Cecyl David Stott graduated from Mankato H.S., Mankato, MN in 1955. Shortly after graduation, Cecyl enlisted in the U.S. Army, Corps of Engineers. His basic training was conducted at Camp Leonard Wood, MO. Thanks to his H.S. interest in Automotive Training, the next two and a half years took Cecyl to Guam where he served as a heavy equipment operator building the air strip on the island in the Pacific. In 1958, Cecyl returned to Fort Ord, CA where he was honorably dishcharged from the Army.

Cecyl returned to his hometown of Mankato. Here he worked nights and weekends for Carney & Associates, Inc. During the next two years, Cecyl attended Mankato Business College and earned his two-year accounting degree. In December of 1959, Cecyl married Jean Bittner in Mason City, IA.

Cecyl, his wife Jean, and daughter Teresa moved to Owatonna, MN in 1961. There he accepted a position of Head Accountant with Master-Craft, a camera, TV and sound system retail shop. In 1964, Cecyle transitioned to Josten's of Owatonna, a nationwide class ring and yearbook manufacturer. Within a couple of years, Cecyl moved from accountant into the Lead Customer Service Representative.

In July of 1967, Cecyl and his family of five (Teresa '60, David '63 & Karen '65), left Owatonna and moved to San Marcos, Texas, thus enabling Cecyl to further his education at Southwest Texas State University (SWTSU). In August of 1967, Cecyl was offered a position as head of the ROTC office on the SWT campus. Here he worked from 1967-1970 while completing his undergraduate degree in Business Administration.

Mr. Cecyl Stott moved into a Teaching Assistant position while finishing up his Master's degree in Accounting. Upon completion of his master's in 1971, Mr. Stott moved into a job as an Assistant Professor for SWTSU. While teaching, Cecyl sat for his CPA exam and soon became a Licensed Certified Public Accountant. Soon after, SWTSU promoted Mr. Cecyl Stott to an Associate Professor.

Throughout the next 30 plus years, Mr. Stott taught a number of business courses. One of his favorite classes instantly became Income Tax Accounting. The tax laws were constantly being updated. He enjoyed the governmental changes to these laws and lived to teach his students everything he had learned himself. Mr. Stott's continual love for knowledge was shared with countless students over the years. A little-known fact: Mr. Stott took a special pride in being able to remember each student's full name by the third class they shared. I can honestly say, Mr. Stott, if alive today, could call you out by name, even if you were the quiet student sitting on the last row. Mr. Sott continued to take pride in where his students were heading and was always amazed at their ingenuity.

Mr. Stott often spoke of his favorite times:
1. Watching his students grow and knowing he was helping to make a difference.
2. Spending time with the faculty and staff he had grown so fond of over their years shared at SWT/Texas State University.
3. His golf buddies
4. His fishing buddies
5. His family

Cecyl David Stott will be remembered as: Son, Father of Five (Cidnye '86 & Tiffany '88), Husband twice over, Grandfather, Brother, and Uncle. But Mr. Stott would be best remembered for being 'The Professor' and a 'True Friend.'

Dr. Jerry L. Thomas

Dr. Jerry L. Thomas
Dr. Jerry L. Thomas

Honored by: Laura Thomas, daughter

Father's Day was lonesome without you, and our grammar has all gone to hell without you...just joking, don't worry!! We miss you, Dad!


Honored by: Jennifer Thomas, daughter

My father was a great contributor to the public education system of Texas as a professor in the College of Education at SWT/Texas State. Thank you to SWT for that opportunity for him to share his love of teaching, and to impact future teachers and students in Texas public schools. And thanks to Dad, too!

Love you, Dad.

Dr. Jerry L. Thomas
Dr. Jerry L. Thomas

Honored by: Dorothy Thomas, wife

It has been nearly a year since Jerry left us, but a day doesn't go by that we don't think of him and miss his presence. He was a wonderful husband for 56 years and the proud father of 6 children who loved him dearly. He was an inspiration to them to follow their dreams and succeed at their chosen professions.

Jerry dedicated his life to teaching. He was an educator for 43 years, starting as a 6th grade teacher. He later became a Guidance Counselor, an Instructor at UT, and finally, a Professor at Southwest Texas for 28 years. I know he touched many lives throughout the years. His family loved him dearly and he will always be in our memories and thoughts.

Rest in Peace, Jerry.

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