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Foundations of Excellence

The Student Foundation hosted their first annual Foundations of Excellence ceremony on April 14, 2005 in the LBJ Student Center at Texas State University-San Marcos. The purpose of the event was to allow members of Student Foundation to honor faculty and staff who had made a significant impact on their lives while students at Texas State. It has since become one of Student Foundation's major events.

Faculty and Staff members honored at the 10th Annual Foundations of Excellence on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016 were:
Gloria Martinez
Dr. Michael Burns
Dr. Stella Silva
Alma Machado
Lucy Villanueva
Temple Carter
Twister Marquiss
John Lowney
Tony Ghinelli
LaKiza Fowler

2015 Honorees

Dr. Sherri Benn, Dr. Rachell Booth, Mr. Robert Fluker, Mrs. Jaime Haider, Mr. Bruce Howard, Dr. Mary Huerta, Ms. Mueni Rudd, Dr. Joanne Smith, Dr. Kate Spradley, and Mrs. Linda Torres

2014 Honorees

Dr. Lori Assaf, Ms. April Barnes, Ms. Sarah Boysen, Dr. Laurie Fluker, Dr. Jeff McVey, Ms. Lliana Melendez, Dr. Anna Moczygemba, Dr. Arthur Noll, Dr. Paula Rechner and Mr. Joe Tobias.

2012 Honorees

Faculty and staff members honored at the seventh annual Foundations of Excellence ceremony on March 22, 2012 were Dr. Emily Balanoff-Jones, Dr. Rebekah Fox, Mrs. Lanita Legan, Ms. Jonnie Wilson, Mrs. Rocio Ortiz, Mrs. Nina Pereira, Mrs. Kimberly Porterfield, Mr. Robert Severance and Mr. Corey Wheeler.

2011 Honorees

Dr. Elizabeth Bishop, Dr. Sally Caldwell, Dr. Michael Cornett, Ms. Shannon McCall FitzPatrick, Mr. Charles Kaufman, Mr. Wayne Kraemer, Captain Hector Moyano, Dr. Janet Payne, Mr. Andy Rhoades and Ms. Kathryn Weiser

No Foundations of Excellence ceremony was held in 2010.

2009 Honorees

Faculty members honored at the fifth annual Foundations of Excellence ceremony on March 11, 2009 were Dr. Beverly A. Chiodo, Dr. Carol W. Dochen, Teri E. Evans-Palmer, Lisa A. Furler, Dr. Janet Hale, Dr. Lyn G. Litchke, Michelle M. Lopez, Dr. Debra F. Monroe, Dr. Shirley M. Ogletree and Dr. Dhiraj A. Vattem.

2008 Honorees

Dr. Vance Lesseig, Dr. Yongmei Lu, Ms. Merrie Ellen Lund, Dr. Tomas Mijares, Ms. Nadine Mozon, Ms. Kathleen Pierce, Ms. Dara Quackenbush, Dr. Peter Scharf, Dr. Karen Smith and Dr. Sharon Welkey.

2007 Honorees

Dr. Byron Augustin, Dr. James Bell, Dr. Ray Bender, Dr. Victoria Bynum, Dr. John Fleming, Dr. Crystal Oberle, Dr. Dianne Pape, Ms. Sherry Ross, Dr. Rodney Schueller and Mr. Dan Schumacher.

2006 Honorees

Dr. Steven Beebe, Mr. Ray Bender, Dr. Timothy Bonner, Dr. Brock Brown, Mrs. Glenda Carnes, Dr. Carol Dochen, Dr. Ted Hindson, Dr. Martha Kay Hofer, Mrs. Sharon Miley, Dr. Wayman Mullins, Dr. Donald Olson, Mr. Bruce Renfro, Mr. Sammie Root, Ms. Sharon Welkey, Ms. Vicki West and Commander Warren Zerr.

2005 Honorees

Dr. Byron "Doc" Augustin, Dr. Mary Jo Biggs, Dr. Ralph Borchers, Mr. Larry Carlson, Dr. Sylvia Crixell, Ms. Julie Eckert, Dr. Laurie Fluker, Dr. Harvey Ginsburg, Dr. Ken Grasso, Dr. Ted Hindson, Dr. Kay Hofer, Dr. Maurice Johnson, Mrs. Diann McCabe, Dr. John McGee, Mrs. Alba Melgar-Lopez, Dr. Bobby Patton, Dr. David Perkins, Dr. Bruce Smith, Dr. Rafael Vela, Mrs. Vicki West and Dr. Gail Zank.


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