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Student Foundation Membership Application

Essay Questions

It is highly recommended that you work on these questions offline, such as in a Word document, then copy and paste into the boxes below in case of Internet or computer failure when you submit the application. 

Late Fees: You will be charged a $5 fee for each payment not received by the deadlines above. Please consult the Vice President of Finance if you have any questions/issues concerning dues. Dues icover costs for induction fee, polo shirt and an individual blazer owned by the member. 

Committee Preferences

Please rank your committee preferences in order from highest to lowest with 1 being your most preferred committee. See this page for a description of each committee.  

Professional Reference

Membership Dues

Fall 2018 New Member Dues are $80 for the academic year. Payment plans are available, including payment in full, semesterly and bi-weekly options. Student Foundation executive officers can provide additional information.

Please read and check each statement below: *