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Bobcat Pause

Bobcat Pause

Bobcat Pause
32nd Annual Bobcat Pause is April 11, 2019


Bobcat Pause is an annual event that honors members of the campus community who have recently passed away. The event is sponsored by Student Foundation and the Dean of Students Office.

This year will mark the 32nd Annual Bobcat Pause Memorial Service, which will take place in the LBJ Student Center Ballroom on April 11, 2019 at 6 p.m., with a reception preceding the ceremony starting at 5:15 p.m.

All are welcome!

2017-2018 Honorees

Dr. Louis E. Brister

Mr. Chance Cain

Mr. Mike O. Cervantes

Mr. Esteban Cruz

Ms. Victoria C. DeKay

Ms. Shadae Dixon

Ms. Caitlin Louise Duvall-Hammer

Dr. Matthew A. Eichler

Mr. Matthew Ellis

Mr. Larry K. Farnsworth

Mrs. Anna V. Farr

Mr. James E. Fox

Ms. Cruz Garcia

Mr. Robert Groves

Mrs. Patricia L. Haynes

Dr. Garland G. Hunnicutt

Dr. Ronald B. Jager

Dr. Sally Hill Jones

Dr. David E. Jorgenson

Ms. Dana Kelly

Dr. Darrell L. Kempf

Mrs. Cynthia M. Krueger 

Mrs. Lauretta Pearl Krueger

Mr. Alejandro V. Lizarraga

Mr. Marvin Dan Love

Ms. Josie Mack

Mr. Andrew T. Marks

Mr. Thomas C. McGee

Ms. Gabriel Mendoza

Dr. Damon J. Miller

Ms. Dominga Montelongo

Dr. Joe M. Moore

Mr. Matthew J. Morris

Mr. John C. Mulhollan

Ms. Brenna Eileen Murphey

Mrs. Carol Z. Peregoy

Mr. Lee M. Phelps

Mr. Darrell T. Piersol 

Ms. Tracie Pryor

Mr. Brandon Ramirez

Mr. Galen Rients

Mrs. Juanita K. Rodgers

Ms. Martha J. Scott

Dr. Jean Amelia Smith

Dr. Milton L. Smith

 Mr. Joshua M. Snowden

Mr. Joshuah M. Sorenson

Dr. Gregory F. Spencer

Mr. Wayne M. Stanley

Ms. Lynette Sullivan

Mr. Mikal Zane Walker

Mr. Jordan R. Watson

Mr. Brian Weeks

Mrs. Betty Lee Williams

Ms. Cyntha L.Wissmann 

Dr. Betty L. Wright

Mr. John A. Yarchuska


Join us for the 30th annual Bobcat Pause Service

Bobcat Pause Guest Book

Student Foundation and the Dean of Students Office invites all students, faculty, staff, administration and guests to use the online guest book to submit tributes in honor of deceased loved ones. With your permission, these tributes will be posted on this website and may be used during Bobcat Pause Memorial services. Click here to view the guestbook tributes.