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Bobcat Pause Guestbook Submissions

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Mrs. Carol Z. Peregoy


Honored by: Monika Weiss 

I met Carol in September 1975 at Kent State University, in Kent, Ohio after the University assigned us to live in the same dorm room. We did not know each other prior to meeting at Kent State. We became and remained best friends ever since we met in 1975. In 1978, Carol did her student teaching in Knottingley, West Yorkshire in England. Carol kept me constantly informed in letters as to how much she loved teaching , her students, the culture, and her experiences in England. Upon graduating college in June 1979, we both got jobs in Houston, Texas. We moved to Houston in August 1979. In August 1979, Carol started her teaching experience at Robert E Lee Elementary School in Houston Independent School District teaching grade school. A year later she taught at Yeager Elementary in Cypress Fairbanks School District, (Cy-Fair). In 1982, Carol got married, had one son, Garret in 1986 and then another son, Nathan in 1989. Carol temporarily quit te aching full time to raise her family and taught part-time at White Oak Baptist Church in Houston. In 1983, Carol received her Master's in Education and Reading Specialist Certification from the University of Houston. Around 1994, after both sons were in school full time, Carol joined the Reading Recovery Program as a Reading Specialist at Wilbern Elementary for the Cy-Fair School District in Houston. In 2007, Carol was nominated as Teacher of the Year from Wilbern Elementary school in Cy-Fair. Carol was known as the energizer bunny at Wilbern. She taught dyslexic students and conducted literacy meetings at Wilbern. Her passion for teaching spilled over on her students. When students graduated from her groups, they would celebrate with high fives, hugs, and happy dances. Carol sent her students on their way with a love of reading and with confidence in the ability to read. Carol was dedicated to helping kids who struggled with reading, and received teaching certifications in Reading Recovery, English as a second language and Dyslexia. After spending 17 years at Wilbern Elementary, Carol and her family moved to Wimberley, Texas in 2011 and she retired from Cy-Fair School District. Carol got a job as a lecturer in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Texas State University's College of Education. Carol continued her love of teaching in her new role with training the new generation of teachers. Carol's face always lit up with enthusiasm as she shared her teaching experiences with me. Carol always strived to help her interns become the best teachers they could be. Carol was the most positive and strongest person I know. Carol always had a can do spirit and lived life to its fullest. Carol was always willing to help and always greeted everyone with a smile that would light up a room. I will always admire Carol's deep passion for teaching, her smile, the way she lived her life, her positive attitude, and her love for her family, her m any friends, her students, and colleagues. Carol, you are missed by many every day and you have left a huge void in our hearts. The school has lost a great teacher and I have lost a great friend.

Ms. Brenna Eileen Murphey


Honored by: Jessica Cline 

L'espoir est le rve d'une me veiller.

Hope is the dream of the soul awakened.

Ms. Caitlin Louise Duvall-Hammer

Honored By: Michele Hughes 

Caitlin always made me smile when I saw her. Her personality and smile was contagious. She was the type of person everyone wants to be: brave,loving, friendly, bold and positive. We miss her so much, but she lives on in the hearts of all her family and friends. We were blessed to know her and love her.

Ms. Caitlin Louise Duvall-Hammer

Honored By: Tim McBride

I wanted to write something about Caitlin. I’ve been spending time looking through pictures, reading old emails and texts and reading old Facebook posts. I could tell stories of her as a little girl, playing horsey on the living room rug (me being the horse), her young school years or difficult teens. But I decided I needed to write something that would give a better picture of who she was when she passed, and what a lose we all have at her passing not just family, and friends.

At Texas State, Caitlin grew into a fine student, she seemed to acquire a thirst for learning. She read everything in her textbooks, and any other piece of material she could find. When she was close to completion of her undergrad degree in nutrition, she was already planning her first post graduate degree, in healthcare administration. She had decided that she couldn’t affect the community’s health one person at a time and needed to go bigger. She wanted everyone to learn to live a healthy life. The day she was accepted into the Master’s program for Healthcare administration, she was so excited. She said her plan was in work.

She also was politically active. She had causes she supported and ideas of right and wrong that the lines between were not blurred. She even skipped class once to go to the state capital and protest. She felt guilty but said that it was important. I could see her at that capital in office for all the right reasons one day.

She adopted a highway. When asked why, she said, “I think the real question is…why NOT? It’s my state! I also want my name on a sign.”

She loved her family, her dog, our ranch, her friends, the people at the retirement community(where she work to get through school), and Texas, in that order, I think. The places she was going to go and the things she was going to do….we all suffered a lost on 25 July 2017.

Mr. Brian Weeks

Honored By: Michelle Nguyen 

Brian was the most generous person I have met since my arrival at Texas State. The way we could come over to each other’s places like it was our own and hang out to watch stupid comedies was a natural bond. Brian was someone who would share anything he had, help anyway he can, and listen to whatever was on your mind. It’s only been 5 months, but it still hurts like you left us yesterday.

Ms. Victoria C. DeKay

Honored By: Peyton Randolph 

Victoria was a one of a kind person. She was truly the representation of what a bobcat should be. Tori was the one to light up the room and was always there when anyone ever needed her. She was taken too soon, but once a bobcat always a bobcat.

Ms. Caitlin Louise Duvall-Hammer

Honored By: The Moffit Family 

Sweet cousin Caitlin, we miss your smile and the joy you bring to your family and friends. You will continue to be cherished and remembered.


Dr. Matthew A. Eichler

Honored By: Nikki Herrera 

Dr. Matt Eichler was a valuable part of the OWLS Department. He was an eager-to-pitch in co-worker and a positive role-model and mentor for students. His many contributions helped the department move forward in numerous ways. His work here will not soon be forgotten, nor will his infectious laugh.

--OWLS Faculty and Staff

Ms. Brenna Eileen Murphey

Honored By: Bailey Mennona


"In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

Thank you Brenna, for all the love you gave to us. I miss you.


Mr. Chance Cain

Honored By: Pamela K Cain


My son Chance was the most amazing person. His smile lit up a room and his laughter was absolutely contagious. He mattered so much and is loved and missed by so many people. I love you and miss you so very much son!

Mr. Chance Cain

Honored By: Daysha Cain 

Chance, he was the most amazing and confident person I had ever known. My brother was so beyond full of life, and had such a huge future ahead of him. He never failed to light up a room, constantly bringing joy, happiness, and laughter to all of those around him. He was driven, motivated, and the most talented person so effortlessly. He will always be in my heart, and I will cherish the 18 years I was able to spend with him. I love you so much baby brother, and I miss you more than words can say.

Mr. Chance Cain

Honored By: Alex Morales


Never will i ever forget about my bestfriend, Chance. A person with a great a heart, who was and still is there for everyone and anyone. Every time you where around Chance it was nothing but laughs n smiles.

Ms. Brenna Eileen Murphey

Honored By: Dr. Barbara Murphey

My daughter was an amazing young women who was taken too soon. She was very involved in all that was Texas State including being a member of Student Foundation. Brenna would be so proud to be honored by the University and the organization that she loved. Her Dad, brother and I miss her beyond words. She lived her life to the fullest. We love her so. Thank you for remembering her in such a lovely way.

Ms. Caitlin Louise Duvall-Hammer

Honored By: Justin Jisha


"Through a round aperture I saw appear,

Some of the beautiful things that Heaven bears,

When we came forth, and once more saw the stars."



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