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Bobcat Pause Archive 2008-2009

Armando "Joshua" Rios III 

Honored by: Kassie Trevino, former girlfriend

I'm barely seeing this tribute page and decided to write a little something about Josh. I love him so much and it hurts my heart more than my heart has ever hurt before. I've never felt as special as when I met Josh. His friend Meeklo tole me that when Josh first met me at our work (Antro), he told Meeklo, "I'm gonna get that girl", and sure enough, he earned my heart! Being with Joshua was the greatest time I've ever had in my life. That boy showed me so much and made me appreciate a lot in life, especially myself. On our first date he took me walking downtown to my favorite place, "Hemisfair Park." He was so funny. We would go to the mall and he would wear girl clothes and act silly. He was such a sweetheart. He was open minded about everything. Because of him, I learned to be open minded and live my life to the fullest. I always see his smile and till this day, I swear I feel him near. I dream about him all the time. I know he's here with me. It's so hard to deal with his death and I don't want to believe he's gone, but I know he's in a better place. I love you Joshy! You're my heart - you know that. 


Armando Rios III 

Honored by: James Solano, friend and teammate

"Mando" as many of his high school friends called him, will be dearly missed by all. I met mando during my freshman year in high school through our good friend Andy. We played baseball all through high school. Our sophomore year, we won district and went 14-0 in district. We could not have done it without Mando. He was always a blast to be around. I can remember beating Lanier (Mando's home school) and how thrilled he was mostly because that was one of the only games we won all season. On the bus ride home, he was almost bouncing off the walls in celebration. Mando will be so missed!!!!!!!! I'm glad I knew Mando. I will never forget the moment I heard the tragic news or the last time I saw and spoke with him. I hope his tragic ending will make more people aware of how fragile life is. I send my love to his family and friends, especially his parents. His parents never missed a game or a function in which he was involved. Always your friend, James Solano.


Daniel Jason Reiter 

Honored by: David Headrick, Dan's uncle

Daniel was an extraordinary young many which his family could tell at a very young age. Daniel had so much to offer the world, only to have it tragicaly taken away. We miss him every day and it hurts terribly. If I could say anything to Dan's friends, it is to treasure every day and live it to its fullest. Honor your family and friends, and be careful.

I agree with Dan,

David Headrick


Daniel Jason Reiter 

Honored by: Susan Reiter, Dan's mother

Dan attend Texas State from the Fall of 2003 until his graduation in May of 2007. He graduated Magna Cum Laude, majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Leadership Communication Studies. He was a Mitte Scholar for four years and President of the Mitte Scholars his senior year. Daniel worked in the SLAC lab and was chosen SLAC-er of the year by the students he tutored in 2007. He was an active member of Campus Crusade for Christ for four years. He also worked for PAWS Preview and the Aquarena Center. He was killed in a collision a month after graduation, less than five miles from our home. Dan had been accepted to work with the Mission Year organization and was very excited about working with inner-city missions. He was slated to begin that position in September of 2007, without pay. Daniel had a heart for service and helping others. He went to New Orleans to help with Hurricane Katrina relief on two seperate occasions and was chosen by the Mitte Foundation for a trip to Romania with Habitat for Humanity. Dan truly loved his time in San Marcos and everyone he met there. Our family would like to thank everyone on campus for the support we have received, it is deeply appreciated.



Nicholas G. Wagener 

Honored by: Roslyn, significant other

Nick was a great and intelligent man. While he attended school here, he worked at the Academic Advising Center for the College of Education. Nick was majoring in Math and minoring in Photography. He was always known as a loveable and entertaining person. Everyone was Nick's friend and he always included everyone. Nick always greeted everyone with a big smile and a hug. Whenever Nick was around you would know it with the crowd around him laughing. He always made sure to make a big entrance to every event. He is greatly missed by family and friends.


Armando "Josh" Rios III 

Honored by: Brandon M. Davis, friend/neighbor

Josh was a true best friend of mine. I met Josh in the dorms my sophomore year, his freshman year. It was funny how we met and our friendship clicked. He was roommates in Tower with a close friend of mine, Cutter Moore. It was pretty random how we met up. That first week we moved into the dorms, we had an awesome party at one of my buddy's apartments. He didn't really know many people that went to Texas State and since hw as a freshman, we thought it would be good to show that boy a good time. That was one of the most memorable nights I had with Josh, because it was really the starting point of our friendship. I realized what a cool guy he was and that we had a ridiculous amount of things in common. From our taste in music, to our hometown, to our preferred type of beverage! It was really the first time that our friendship clicked. After the dorms, Josh and I became next door neighbors at the Outpost and remained great friends up until he day he passed away. We lived next door to each other for almost 2 years. He was funny and loving. He always looked for something fun to do and never took his family, friends and the people who loved him for granted. He was thoughtful, loud, and lived his life to the fullest every day. Josh had a smile that could light up a room, and when he was in that room, you knew it! (Josh loved to be the loud guy and was not bashful about it at all!) I consider Josh a brother of mine and he will always be in my thoughts. No matter what, I will always remember that God has a plan, and that he put Joshua in my life for a reason.

Always blessings, never losses. You will always be here bro.

Miss you Squeak.


Armando Joshua Rios III 

Honored by: Maria A. Mendez (Chachi), cousin (Josh was more like another son)

Joshua will always have a place in my heart. He was like my other son. His cousins, my three other children Mike, Vanessa and Charlie were very close. He was also very close to my son-in-law Carlos, and my granddaughter Ariel. He had the most beautiful smile, that would light up any room when he walked in. I have so many memories of Josh, especially the last five years. He was always at my house hanging out with the rest of the family. He even took a trip with us three and a half years ago to Toledo, Ohio where a lot of our family members live. Everyone that met and knew Josh loved him. He was always trying to solve everyone's problems, or just be a friend. He was a wonderful son, grandson, brother, newphew and cousin. It is still very hard to accept he is gone. In my whole life, I have never been impacted by anyone as I was by Josh. He lived life to the fullest. He had a great sense of humor! By the same token, he was also a very warm and loving person! I miss him so much, and think about him every day. Only God knows why he was taken from us so early in his life. I look forward to seeing him again one of these days. Rest assured, he is our family's own person Angel, looking down upon us, and taking care of our family. I love you Josh, and miss you more than words can say. Until we meet again. Peace to you.  


Armando Joshua Rios III 

Honored by: Veronica Pena, friend

Althought I was not close with this young man, I was certainly shocked and sad to hear about his death. I attended middle school with Josh and from there he went to a different high school. Then, when I came to Texas State and saw him here, I was very glad to see a somewhat familiar face around. The middle school that we went to was one where many students were practically at risk of not even staying in high school, much less attending college. From all of the students that went to middle school with us, there is only a handful who actually attended college and Josh Rios was one of them. That is something to be proud of and admire about him. There are now only about two students here who I can say I attended middle school with and we are proud to have known Josh Rios. One thing I can remember distinctly about him - and I am sure others do as well - is his smile! I attended the rosary for him and it was a good sight to see how many people cared about him, the room was completely full. Even though I was just an acquaintance, his death at such a young age, my age, was shocking and was an eye opener to how precious life can be.


Nicholas Wagener 

Honored by: Dr. Michelle Janysek, family member

Nicholas Wagener, a former student at Texas State University, passed away in the summer of 2007. While attending Texas State, Nick was employed as a student worker by the College of Education Academic Advising Center. Nick was a wonderful young man who was full of life. He always had a smile on his face and a joke to share. Nick approached life with an energy that pulled in everyone around him. Everyone who met him, loved him.


Daniel Jason Reiter 

Honored by: Erin O'Brien, friend

Dan just enjoyed life wherever he went. I knew Dan from a college Bible study I led which he was a part of for about three years. He was such a servant whenever anything needed to be done...And he always did it with that horsetooth grin and that shockingly loud, bellowing laugh.

He radically loved people because he had experienced a radical love from his Savior, Jesus Christ. He didn't always express his beliefs explicitly in verbal communication, but knowing him well, he would humbly tell friends that his passion for people came from the unconditional love and radical grace he had received from God. When people encountered Dan, I think they sensed something deeper that comes from a person who truly knows God.

Last Spring I asked Dan to speak Cru (a collegiate Christian organization, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). This was about two months before he died. He and I prepared his message together, the passage being Hebrews 11, which he had selected. He spoke of the men and women who lived lives of faith centuries ago and how their legacy has trickled down through the spiritual generations to us today. He then said, as a student who was about to graduate, "I am passing that baton now on to you. Run well here at Texas State." He challenged the younger students to pursue Jesus Christ and live all the life out of that relationship. He encouraged them to love people deeply and to also introduce them to the Savior.

Dan, thanks for being an example of a young man who was a true Christ-follower. I agree with you buddy that a life is about relationships - with God and others.

I love you and miss you my friend.

Erin O'Brien


Armando "Joshua" Rios III 

Honored by: Myrna Rios, mother

Armando "Josh" was by far one of a kind. He was our first born and from the day he came into this world, he never failed to keep his father and I on our toes. There was never a dull moment. He literally lived his life to the fullest. He graduated from Edison High School where he was part of the Health Profession Magnet Program. He received his CNA certification his Senior year. He played baseball all four years of high school (a sport he loved). When he went to Texas State, he ws so excited to be going out on his own. He was always a free spirit and he did things his way. He had such a great personality. Those who knew him were in for a rush. Josh always wanted to make an impact in this world and we believe that he did. With our son's passing we found that he touched so many people in so many different ways. He was an awesome son, a cool brother to his three siblings, a good friend to so many and he was truly loved and will be forever missed. There are so many memories that we have been left with. In Josh's short 20 years of life he touched more people than some of us would ever be able to do in two full life times. We miss every single thing about him, but by far, we miss his beautiful smile and his free spirit. His smile could light up any room. We want to believe that he is in a better place and that he is now our guardian angel. There is not one moment that he is not in our thoughts and especially in our hearts. Josh, we miss you tremendously. "You are always in our hearts" and you will never be forgotten our beloved son.


Orvis S. Moore 

Honored by: Sherry Moore, wife

Orvis Stanton Moore received his Masters degree from Southwest Texas State University. He taught high school math for 28 years, was a professor at Austin Community College, served in teh Navy, was married for 43 years, has 2 children and 3 grandchildren. He lost his fight with brain cancer on January 19, 2008.



Nicholas Wagener 

Honored by: Pamela Polasek, sister

Nick was the friendliest, fun-loving person who made a point to enjoy himself as well as entertain others at every event attended. He was a friend to all whome always had a smile on his face to greet you. Nick has left his family along with an endless amount of friends with the most cherishable memories that will never be forgotten. He will ALWAYS be remembered and will hold a special place in our hearts.

Till we see each other again, love you and miss you dearly lil' brother.


Ceydee Ann Garcia

Honored by: Cynthia Martinez-Garcia, mom

Ceydee entered Heavon on April 14, 2008, the day after her 23rd birthday. She was a fun, loving girl who had many dreams in life. She was a Psychology major at Texas State University. In the summer of 2007, she was a McNair SROP Scholar and did Neuroscience research at Michigan State University. Ceydee always enjoyed helping and encouraging her friends and loved ones. We miss her so much, but we know that Heaven has an amazing angel named Ceydee. She will ALWAYS live in our hearts!


Cameron Alexander Brown

Honored by: Kathy Lancaster, friend 

Cameron was a handsome, articulate, intelligent young man who was an asset to Texas State and his community. Cameron possessed so many qualities that made him stand out that it would be impossible to innumerate. He loved deeply, treasured friendships, was a devoted son and brother, and had a way of endearing others to himself. He is greatly missed, but his passing was not in vain, and others will truly benefit from his experiences and tragedies. His quick smile and winning ways are precious memories to those who loved and cared for him. May God's blessings continue to be with his family and loved ones as they carry on.


John Matthew Cooper

Honored by: Laura Rodriguez, wife 

Matt Cooper (as most of his friends know him) passed away on September 20, 2008. Matt graduated from Southwest Texas State University in 1982 with a BS in Physical and Applied Geography with a concentration in Environmental and Resource Studies. He worked for Progressive Insurance from 1985 to 2008.

He was an avid hunter, fisherman and great outdoors man. I have to say that his years at SWTSU were happy ones for both of us and these years greatly influenced his life. He absolutely loved going on the annual Big Bend trips that Dr. Jim Peterson hosted. After attending an ortho?, well a bird class, he could identify any bird by its call. He continued doing this for the rest of his life and I greatly enjoyed having him tell me what bird I was listening to. After teaching geology classes for the university while he was a student, he could talk about rock formations forever. I enjoyed listening to him tell me what I was looking at on our many outdoor trips. All I saw was rocks and land, but he saw much more. His years as a student at SWTSU shaped his life.

His voice is silent now. I miss him dearly and I wanted his SWTSU friends in the Geography Department, if any of them are still around, to know of his passing. He always talked about his years at the university and his friends there with great affection.


Eleonore "Ele" Evans

Honored by: Michelle Evans Recek, daughter 

My mom Ele Evans devoted herself to TSU (SWT when she was there), for 31 years. My family and I appreciate your remembrance of her. Ele was an unmistakenly remarkable person who loved everyone around her and always went the "extra mile" for the students and staff. On a personal note, she also raised five children during the time she worked for TSU and we are all college graduates, most of us graduating from TSU!


Ele Evans

Honored by: Randy Evans, son 

It's very fitting that my mother be remembered at the school she cherished so much and the people she worked with. My mom was an incredible individual who was very well liked and respected at SWTSU. She was always going above and beyond to help faculty members as well as her bosses and fellow co-workers at the Registrar's office.

I couldn't have asked for a better role model and mother than "Ele". Being a 1976 graduate of SWTSU where my mom sunk so much of her life into makes me even prouder and the memories much sweeter.


Col. Lloyd J. Petty

Honored by: Laura Petty Fischer, daughter

Born: January 26, 1928. Graduated: 1950. Died: January 21, 2009.

My father and his twin brother Floyd E. Petty were natives of San Marcos. They went to Kindergarten through 11th grade (last class in Texas that graduated in 11 years) in the same classroom. they enlisted in World War II but the war ended before they saw action. They came home and attended what was then the Southwest Texas State Teachers College. Much to their chargrin, the university had taken over the building that was once their old school and they ended up having to finish their schooling in that same darn building! Both continued their military careers, traveled the world and retired as Colonels. My father Lloyd was For Your Eyes Only to General Douglas MacArthur in Japan and flew Marilyn Monroe in Korea for the USO shows. All in all, he was funny and kind and the most devoted husband and dad any family could ever hope to have. He graduated in 1950 and he was always keeping up with all of his college friends and was so proud to be an alumnus of Texas State University! In 2000, he attended his 50th reunion.

He is survived by his wife who he met at the university and his four children. He is preceeded in death by his dear brother Floyd.


Cameron Brown

Honored by: Lesley Ornelas, friend 

No one ever thinks about the day they found out they lost a friend. The day I found out we all lost Cameron is a day I'll never forget. It hurts to know that I won't see him again and what keeps me going is knowing that he is okay.

I have some great memories with him and now as I think about them one by one, I know that he is smiling too, remembering all the times we had together.

On that day we didn't just lose a friend. We lost a son, a brother and someone we all loved.

There are things that I regret about what happened to Cameron, but I know in time those regrets will one day fade.

Cameron, I wish everyone could experience what you had to offer.

Missing you.



Allison Maloney

Honored by: Joan Kiel, roommate 

Alli was only my roommate for a short while, but she will be greatly missed. She passed away today (March 21, 2009) and I'm still in shock. I wish I could fill this page with memories and wonderful things, but I can't because I didn't know Alli long enough. But what I do know is Alli was an incredible young woman. Always trying to find the bright side of things and didn't let things get her down. I'm just happy I got the chance to meet Alli. She was one of those people who could touch your heart in many ways. My thoughts and prayers are with the Maloney family through this difficult time. She was truly amazing.


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