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Bobcat Pause Archive 2010

Remembering Bobcat Pause 2010


To All Recently Deceased Bobcats & Family Members

Honored by: Ruben H. Martinez

As a graduate of Southwest Texas State University (Class of 77, 78), I offer my respects and condolences to the families of our recently departed Bobcats. May the memory of your love one live forever and may their spirits live forever in halls of Texas State University. May God Bless for eternity.


Efrain Gerard Arredondo

Efrain Arredondo
Efrain Gerard Arredondo

Honored by: Bridget Arredondo, Wife

On May 1st 2009 we lost my husband Efrain tragically and suddenly. The lives of our families, our son and myself were forever changed in an instant. Not because of the suddeness but because of how much Efrain meant to us and because of who he was.

Efrain was a rare soul. I knew that the moment I met him on the campus of Southwest Texas State (it was 1995 at the time). He had a smile that could light the darkest day and a wit and sense of humor that could make the most sullen of people burst into laughter. He could make the most shy person in the room feel like the most important. When he spoke to you he had a real interest in what you were saying.

He was a hard worker also. He completed his education at Texas State while working full-time. I was so proud of him when he earned his degree. It wasn't long after that he began to really do what he wanted with his career, a position as an Account Executive for the United States Postal Service. It allowed him to make contact with people on a daily basis and do what he did best, communicate.

He loved his new job. But most of all he loved his little boy. Efrain and Lucas were the best of playmates. Lucas would see his Dad come through the back door and scream "Dada!" at the top of his lungs as he ran and wrapped his arms around the bottom of Efrain's legs. Nothing made him more happy and proud.

As much as we miss Efrain we do believe he has gone to be with our Savior Jesus Christ. He lived his life to the fullest, making every second count. His love of God, family, friends and life was strong. And everyone who knew him knew that of him. He taught us so much in his short time here.


Honored by: Chris Arredondo, Brother

My brother Efrain played a major role in all of our lives. He was always there when anyone needed anything no questions asked. He was even there for me when I didn’t know that I needed him to be. Not a day goes by that I don’t remember some memory of our childhood growing up as brothers, or wonder what he is doing up in heaven looking down at all those that he loves. I only wish that when he looks down at me he is proud of the man and father that I have become. His wife and son mean the world to him and I want him to know that I will always be here for them if they ever need anything. I know I cannot replace him as a father but will make sure that his son grows up knowing how much he loves him.

Efrain always lived his life to the fullest and never did things the easy way. When he set his mind to something he would always follow through until he achieved what he wanted. He was so proud that he was able to graduate from Texas State. It may have took him a little longer than most because he worked full-time while he went to school, but he never gave up. He always stressed the importance of getting his college degree and even encouraged our cousin to get his degree from Texas State.

He never met a stranger and was quick to make new friends. He was always able to start up a conversation no matter what the topic would be. When talking with someone he would make them feel like they were the only thing that mattered at the time. Efrain will never be able to be replaced in our family. We can only try and follow his example and love each other no matter what. We are not sure how long we will be here on Earth, so we need to take advantage of the time that God has given us, live life to the fullest and make sure that we tell those closest to us that we love them.

Nina Bankston Averett

Nina Bankston Avrett
Nina Bankston Avrett

Honored by: Mendy B.

Nina was a role model and a fellow bobcat to me. She is truly loved and missed!


Honored by: Denise Betchan, Cousin

Nina is my husband's cousin and they are celebrating being together in heaven. She was our 6th grade English teacher and a great friend. She could always make us laugh and we have a lot of fun memories, one of the last being singing karaoke at the fair. When my daughter decided to attend Texas State, Nina was so proud that she would follow in her footsteps and become a teacher. Nina told her that when she graduated the university was called Southwest Texas State Teachers' College. She surprised my daughter by attending her graduation and luncheon and we have a great picture of the two alumni that we will cherish forever. Nina's great personality and smile has been and will be missed greatly.


Honored by: Janice Keen, Friend

I knew Nina for over half my life, and I feel so blessed for having known her. I believe that one of Nina's greatest gifts was her joy for life! While she lived her life with a life threatening disease, she chose to overcome it and never let it rule her life. She truely took advantage of every day she was given on this earth, and lived them to their fullest. Any occasion I walked in on and saw Nina there, I would immediately feel a smile coming because I knew it would be a good time. She was also one of the most intelligient people I have ever known. I so enjoyed our many talks, and I always walked away learning something new. Or maybe she just changed my way of seeing something! While I never taught with her, I can only imagine how she touched the lives of the many, many children that she did teach. Nina suffered many tragic losses in her life, and while she grieved painfully, she was also a wonderful example of how to honor those ! that we lose by living our own lives as best as we can. Nina touched the heart and souls of everyone who knew her, and we miss her terribly. However, whenever I think of her, I think of her wonderful smile and laughter, and it immediately brings a smile to my face. What better legacy than to be able to inspire happiness and joy in others even after you have moved on from this world. Love you Nina!


Honored by: Steve Lightsey , Friend

I have known Nina all of my life and loved her just like a sister. She always had a smile on her face and never complained. It was always a pleasure to be around Nina. I know she touched the lives of many people she knew and the students she taught throughout the years. I miss Nina and think about her every day.


Honored by: George & Joyce Bankston, Brother & Sister-In-Law

Nina was a very loving and caring person. Nina loved her family and friends very much. She was a super Grandmother (Nanna)and was so proud of her grandsons. Nina has a great love for life. She enjoyed music and loved her computer! Nina is greatly missed by all that knew her. She was a great source of love and support to many people. We are so proud to be able to send this memorial in her memory. We miss and love you Nina, Your Family.

Michael J. Dabbs

Michael J. Dabbs
Michael J. Dabbs

Honored by: Kay Dabbs, wife and Betsy Polgue, sister

Michael Jonathan Dabbs (Mike) went to Heaven to be with the Lord on Wednesday, April 22, 2009. He had a varied and successful career in Texas State Government utilizing the skills he learned from professors and advisors in the MPA program. His love for life was evident in his huge laugh and had a smile for all who knew him. There will never be another Mike in out lives. 

George W. Dumont

George W. Dumont
George W. Dumont

Honored by: Jana Dumont Hehs, Daughter

What a man! Not only was he the BEST father ever, but he was a wonderful inspiration to so many people.He was loved by so many and will never be forgotten. My dad lived life to its fullest and will ALWAYS be remembered for what he did for his family and others. Though we MISS him dearly, I know he and the Good Lord above will continue to watch over us, until we meet again, in the wonderful Heavens above. LOVE YOU DAD !!


Honored by: Jeannene Dumont, wife

George was a devoted coach and educator for over 40 years. He touched many lives through coaching and teaching and always took great interest in his students. He was a wonderful father to his 4 children and a GREAT grandfather to 8 grandchildren...he is greatly missed by family and friends. 

Christina Eppel

Christina Eppel
Christina Eppel

Honored by: Jennifer Eppel, Mother

Christina, I feel your sweet spirit with me every day. Parents are supposed to be role models for their children but you have become mine. I am humbled and amazed by the wonderful tributes paid to you by your friends and teachers for your courage, determination, strong faith and love for life. By far, my favorite tribute was the young man who said that you were kind to him when no one else was. Your pure heart was evident in everything that you did. I will miss and love you forever but know you are in a better place, free of pain.


Honored by: Mary L Agliardo, Aunt

The buds of sweetness, energy and joy I saw in Christina as a little girl blossomed into the beauty of soul and spirit, the sensitivity, and the grace that defined the young woman. Her human experience seemed way too short, and I feel privileged to have been part of it, if only from a distance. 


Honored by: Gerald Eppel, Father

The greatest most wonderful daughter a father could have. Her life is an inspiration for all to follow. She will live on!

Brian Hayes Gillen

Brian Hayes Gillen
Brian Hayes Gillen

Honored by: Brian J. & Denise Gillen, parents

One of Brian's main goals in life was to make people laugh. He loved foreign accents, doing impressions and geography. He was an avid fisherman, bowler and water skier. He was a good-natured young man who was loved deeply by his friends and large extended family. He loved to travel and travelling to Long Island, New York to fish off the Captain Gillen II was one of his great joys in his life. 

Brian Heck

Brian Heck
Brian Heck

Honored by: Debbie Heck, Mother

Brian was a creative, honest, friendly, kind and giving person. He wanted only for there to be in the world and that every person in the world would have the basic necessities for life. In high school he was given a $5,000 award that was never given out before, for the most caring and kindest student. Brian did not care about personal financial gains, but only to help others. His desire was to get and English degree, travel the world teaching and helping in any way he could to make the world a better place to live. His is missed by his family and friends, but lives in our hearts and memories. His ashes will be buried at St. Thomas church in Prague, Czech Republic. His light will shine bright forever. 


Honored by: David Heck, Brother

Brian had a heart of gold. Brian was musically talented, fun, caring and selfless. I know that he had every intention to change the world, and with his loss the world did change. I discovered the importance of friends, family and loved ones. I discovered the delicate nature of life on earth. I discovered the best things in life are the moments that we share with each other that can never be replaced. I wish you were here right now little bro! I'd give you a big hug and kiss! That will just have to wait until I step into eternity to join you! You will always be in my heart and on my mind. "[I] realize that life goes fast. It's hard to make the good things last. [I] realize the sun doesn't go down, it's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round." THE FLAMING LIPS 

Jeff Henderson

Jeff Henderson
Jeff Henderson

Honored by: Debbie Hiott, Student

Thank you so much for honoring Jeff Henderson. I can't think of anyone who had a more profound impact on me as a student. He is one of the reasons I get to do something I enjoy everyday, and because of him I remember to take the time to enjoy it. Jeff was an excellent teacher, but an even better friend. 


Honored by: Kindra Colgin, co-worker, friend

I have many fond memories of Jeff. He helped make my job easier with a young family by being so flexible and understanding when "life happened". Jeff always had a project he was working on and we used to call him the "spider" because he was in the worldwide web all the time, looking for new ways to advance the University Star. Jeff was kind, endearing and fun. I am truly blessed to have worked with him and I do miss him. He was a friend to my family. Much love to you Sharon! 


Honored by: Jodie Claes, student, co-worker, friend

I met Jeff in the summer of 1993 in Old Main. I was applying for a job at The University Star because my brother, who had just graduated, said they were needing people.

Jeff was wearing shorts, long white socks and something that looked like a pith hat on his head. He had just gotten back from a trip to Mexico, I believe, and was unpacking the extra packets of ketchup and jelly from Whataburger that he had "acquired" for his trip.

I told him who I was and he asked when I could start, even though I never mentioned needing a job. He said I was Star family so no problem. And from that moment on The Star has been my family and Jeff was and always will be a huge part of that.

He was always at the ready with a hug, joke or something to put you on the spot and really think. He helped me when I had no money, counseled me when my Dad died and kicked me in the butt and told me to get over it when I got my heart broke. He was there when I met my future husband and at my wedding. He will always be part of my life and I am honored to have been part of his.


Honored by: Jennifer (Trevathan) Hinger, Student

Jeff (my "el jefe") was a mentor, my SWT dad, a provider of comforting hugs, a challenger, a good journalist and photographer, an understanding ear, a friend always, a laugh when you needed one, and frustratingly right guide when you thought you didn't need one (but really did).

I credit Jeff for my roles in student publications, for internships, scholarships, and even recent jobs, even though I graduated LONG ago. His help truly shaped what jobs I've taken, where I've lived, and I think he even gave me advice on who I chose as a husband.

I miss him dearly and I thank Sharon and his family for sharing him with us.


Honored by: Dr. Laurie H. Fluker, Colleague & Friend

Old Main has never quite been right since Jeff left. From the moment I stepped on the campus, Jeff's smile and heart warmed the building, even in the midst of winter. The building now seems just a bit more cold, but it is impossible to forget that warm smile. I think of Jeff every time I enter the Mass Comm Office, and I know his spirit will be with us forever. Thank you to Sharon and the girls, the loves of his life, for sharing him with us all of those years.

Jim William Herridge

Honored by: Betty Sandlin Herridge, spouse

Jim and I were married 59 years in June 2009. He passed on October 20, 2009. We both have wonderful memories of our time at SWT. He was a 3 year letterman in football under Coach Vest and Coach Jowers. He spent quite a number of years teaching and coaching, the last years in San Antonio. He was a true BOBCAT. We have two children and 6 grandchildren that truly loved their Daddy and Grandpa. We have friends that we made while in college that we are in contact with today. Oh, for memories of Bobcat 1 and 2, Sayers Hall, "Dogpatch", Vet's coffee bar under Old Main, meeting on the Quad, the list could go on and on. 

Efehi Iyamu

Efehi Iyamu
Efehi Iyamu

Honored by: Chaunte' Finney, Friend, Roomates

Efehi and I were roommates back at Blanco Hall half of my freshmen year. She was a sophomore so she took me under her wing and showed me around Texas State. We would talk for hours about family, religion, guys, and life in general. One of our most memorable conversations was about being the women that God wanted us to be and finding a mate that was hand crafted just for us by God himself. She called me "Monet," because she said my smile was from the Maker. What she didn't realize was that I smiled because of her and the strength she gave me. I will always carry her spirit with me and try to bless others with her story.

So my beautiful sister, sleep peacefully in His arms knowing that you are loved and missed. This is not goodbye, but see you later. I love you:)

" He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.""

Psalm 91:1-2

Joshua Scott Meurin

Joshua Scott Meurin
Joshua Scott Meurin

Honored by: Stephanie Meurin, Mother

AKA Cat, Beans, Peter Pan & Ginger, just some of the nicknames Josh's friends had given him. Josh was a shining star that faded way soon. He was a caring, loving son and brother, a great friend, a good listener and an awesome soccer player. People were naturally drawn to his easy going manner and outgoing personality. I am still awe struck by the number of lives Josh touched in his 21 years, more than most us will touch in a lifetime. He will be dearly missed by all who knew him. I will miss his beautiful smile, and the sound of his voice and laughter filling the air, most of all I will miss his physical presence in my life. He will forever be in my thoughts, my heart, and my soul until we are together again. Below is a quote from Josh's facebook:

"Every day could be your last day and no matter what don't let anyone get you down, & always be willing to let someone pick you up" - Josh 


Honored by: Ed Perry, Coach and Friend

Since that fateful August 1st morning, the sun still rises and the stars still shine at night. The days have passed one by one, summer heat gave way to fall rains and the grey skies of winter. But even as spring brings new life and color to the landscape, the feeling of loss still persists. Josh had a tremendous impact on everyone he met and it doesn't fade easily. Laughter followed him everywhere he went and everyone he met was his friend. Even those who had the briefest encounters with him left with the feeling that they had met someone special. He always lived every day to the fullest as if there was no tomorrow and he refused to let anyone or anything get him down. His was always a helping hand and never refused a hand that was offered. He is missed but he is always with us. 


Honored by: Michelle Schultze, Aunt

God blessed Josh with the gift of humility and the utility and the ability to lift others up. Though gifted in soccer, art and academics, he always sought to make the other person feel valued and special. Each person who came in contact with him, no matter how briefly, walked away with the sense that someone truly wanted to know how their day was or that he truly meant he was there to help, should you need him to.

He was a cousin who took time to play with his younger relatives. Be it drawing cartoon figures with chalk on the garage floor, or playing basketball, baseball or football, he took time to be with them. He cheered on his family for their individual accomplishments and always taught others to look for the silver lining; regardless of the circumstance. Always ready with a hug, a kiss on the cheek and a smile...that's how Josh will be remembered. 


Honored by: Janine Ziebell, Friend, Past Girlfriend

Beans, the memories you have left with me are the biggest piece of my heart. Not a single day goes by that I don't think about you and all the amazing times we had together. You brightened every single persons day around you, and left an incredible impression on every soul you touched. I can;t begin to describe how you made me feel and how important you still are to me, you changed my life for the better and I can't thank you enough. I think about you as many times as I blink and I can't wait to see you again. I know you are still with me and thanks for sending me the shooting stars, you're the only person I've ever seen one with! I love you to the Moon! 


Honored by: Bailey Naslund, friend

Josh is without a doubt the most humble human beings I've ever met. Not only was he incredibly talented athletically, but he had the ability to bring groups of unsuspecting people together. Unfortunately, I was unable to spend more than a few months with Josh, but I will never forget his beautiful smile. He has brought me more joy than I ever anticipated, I was so blessed to have such an amazing friend. Rest in peace, sweet boy.


Honored by: Debra Murray, friend

Oh Josh !

How you have left such a great void in so many lives! But we will forever hold you and all the wonderful memories of you in our hearts. We miss you so much and love you.


Honored by: Jeremy Meurin, Brother

Hey Josh,

You are my all my everything. The day you left us, a part of me left too. Nothing...nothing... stops me from thinking about you. When I'm awake your talking in my head. When I'm asleep I see you in my dreams. You remind me that life is not always what it seems. I still try to call you and I still speak your name. Pretending... wishing... that this was all just some stupid game. I love you and miss you, and I will never forget you. Guide us all to see like you see brother... Help us to know and help us to understand... that behind all of this there lies a much larger plan. Even though I do not want to move on... I must... What dreams may come brother. I know this is not the end, but life will feel like an eternity until we see each other again! You are the best friend and brother I could ever wish for. RIP Brother Bear.


Honored by: Jeffrey S Meurin, Father

If you never met my son someday you will, for God had specific plans for him. And the day we join him we will know because as he was flesh his light shined on all.

He was a loving son, he was an awesome guy, he was a man with a plan that got interupted.

His heart was bigger than most, his smile warm and welcome. Friends were easy to find.

He had a passion for speed, a desire and dreams.

What can I tell you about Joshua, there's a Joshua I'm sure in your life funny and sweet.

They stand out and care.


Honored by: Daniel Garcia, Friend

As funny as it may seem, you are always on my mind as I go to work. I find the brightest star and think, "There you are," as my brother used to say when he gazed upon the stars...He used to say the brightest star was our grandmother...This tribute is to you. Thanks for the time we were able to talk, share a Bock, and reflect on nothing but what was at hand...TIME...We had but a few precious hours of time to sit and reflect about the taste of the beverage, the smell of what was cooking on the pit, and how well we thought Mia would transpire as a Football (Soccer) Player. To a young man that always made a friend, especially one in me, I salute you...God Speed Joshua...We miss you.


Henry Montalvo

Honored by: Zachary David Gonzalez, Grandson

A Southwest Texas State University Undergraduate & Graduate student in the School of Education, Henry Montalvo lived the life of a fearless soldier as many of his family and the city of Brownsville, Texas can tell you. He was recognized for his accomplishments and achievements in the Navy during World War 2, and also was recognized nationally/internationally in books and museums as a survivor of the Pearl Harbor attacks on December 7, 1941. He was actively involved in the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association & received a 21 gun salute at his funeral.

These are just a few recognitions that I would like him to be remembered for, besides just being my grandfather. He was a hero for this country, the United States of America.

Earl L. Moseley, Jr.

Early Moseley
Earl L. Moseley, Jr.

Honored by: Terence Parker, Friend & Colleague

On February 25, 2010, we lost someone who has impacted so many lives over the years by the name of Earl L. Moseley, Jr. Earl was a friend, colleague, mentor and most importantly, my brother in Christ. Earl had a personality that was larger than life with a gift from God to impact anyone that he came in contact with. Earl had a smile and laughter that would brighten up anyone's day and it brightened mine many times. Over the years, he received numerous awards and honors that he was deserving of but the one that he was most proud of was simply being a child of God. Because of Earl's passion for students and helping people, many students owe their education to him because of his support, guidance, intrusiveness and love. If you ever came in contact with Earl, you couldn't help but love him. He was a giant among men that will be sorely missed but I know that I will see him again one day. 


Honored by: Xavier Tunson, Mentee

Though I only knew Earl for a short period of time the impact that he has on my life will forever be with me. As a freshman I have had many ups and downs in my short term here at Texas State. Earl mentored me in more ways than one he pushed me to be better man and student. Just his presence and words of wisdon and faith impacted my life in more ways than words could ever explain. I thank him for all that he has done for me. 


Honored by: Gordon Taylor, friend

I will miss you Mr. Earl. I wish there was more time for us to spend together but I know one day I will see you in the sky with our father! Love you so much.. 


Honored by: Dr. Laurie H. Fluker, friend

One of the first persons I met at Texas State was Earl, and I was amazed how much his personality lit up the room and my heart. He was always encouraging, always positive, always there, always a friend. I was blessed to have had lunch with him on his last day at the university, and I'll never forget the spirit he so graciously shared with all of us. Thank you, Earl, and continue to watch over us.

Pryor D. Parks

P.D. Parks
P.D. Parks

Honored by: Glenn Longley, friend

I met P.D. Parks in the Texas Water Pollution Control Association. He also worked at Texas City Refining. He was a wonderful host to my graduate classes and myself on visits to his refinery. He was a good friend in the TWPCA. He and his wife Marynell spend many fun hours with my wife and I which we will always remember. PD had a wonderful sense of humor and provided much delight to those who knew him. He was an ardent fan of then Southwest Texas and spoke of his time there with much joy. He will be missed. 

Charles Nisbet

Charles Nisbet
Charles Nisbet

Honored by: Kathy Myres, best friend's mom

On October 4, 2009 the world lost a contagious smile, a sense of humor, a warm heart, everyone's best friend, a caring person, a lover of fun, a fabulous goalie, a good student, a frisbee golf aficionado, a remarkable young man. We will always miss you Charles. May you find the peace you so richly deserve. 

Mia "Bella" Reyna

Mia Bella Reyna
Mia Bella Reyna

Honored by: Jennifer Nailos, Mia was a resident of Sterry Hall.  

The residents and staff of Sterry Hall would like to recognize the life of Mia “Bella” Reyna. She was a first year student at Texas State and a member of the Sterry community. With heavy hearts we mourn the loss of this young woman.

Chrissy Scott

Honored by: Megan, Longtime friend

Chrissy girl i am going to miss you so much. I know we hadnt talked in a while but you were such an amazing and beautiful girl! Youre gonna be missed by so many of us.

I will never forget the times we would all hang out at suzys house when we were younger. Youre watching over all of us now! Love you babygirl!

Kevin Shimek

Kevin Shimek
Kevin Shimek

Honored by: Andrea Shimek, Mother - 3/22/2011

Almost two years have come and gone since you were so tragically stripped from our lives. I see you everywhere...on campus; around town; in the warm sunshine and in the soft, gentle breezes. Your spirit and memory live strong in the hearts of your friends, family and this town you grew up in. Until God puts us together again...I love and miss you with every beat of my heart.


Honored by: Andrea Shimek, Mother

From the time Kevin took his first breath of life, he was likened to a magnet. People were truly drawn to him. Always smiling and good natured, Kevin carried those straits throughout his life. He truly was the best kind of contagious. Kevin had a genuine love for family and friends and seemed to really know the things that mattered most in life. Because of his personal relationship with the Lord, we know where Kevin is and we will see him again one day. Until then, we hold tight to the memories and never forget that beautiful smile and loving heart that touched us so. We love you Kevin. 


Honored by: Linda Palermo, Friend of parents

Though I did not personally have an opportunity to meet you, I feel as though I know you. I am a friend of your parents and they have shared your many interests in sports, family, life, friendships and the special relationship you had with God. They have shared the blessing you were to friends and to them, and to your brother, Keith. I've met Keith and he is a fine young man and misses you too. Though you are physically no longer here, your memory lives on through those who love and miss you with all their hearts. The Son of God has been called the Bright and Morning Star - that is what you are to your patents, a bright star that continues to shine in their lives. Andi & Gary - love you both. 


Honored by: John Quincy and Ruby Adams, Grand Parents

Kevin, there is never a day passes that you are not in our memories and thoughts. We are so thankful that God allowed us to have you here on earth as our loving grandson although it was such a short time. Our greatest moment of reminiscence is when we witnessed your Baptism as a child of God. We know you are in Heaven. Your smile, talents, loving & kindness nature as well as your love and appreciation of your family and friends will always be remembered and missed.

ma maw and pa paw


Honored by: Kim Wood, Aunt

I'll never forget when Kevin was born and they held him up to show the family, I actually thought something was wrong with him because all I could see where these BIG OLE' EYES!! As he grew into those eyes, Kevin became one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen on this earth! His contagious smile with those gorgeous dimples drew people to him unlike anything I have ever seen before. Kevin had friends from all walks of life and never met a stranger. That had to be one of his greatest attributes, the ability to form a friendship with anyone and everyone he encountered. He used to hate when I told this story, but I'll always remember the day he looked at me and said "Aunt Kimi, when I grow up, will you marry me". I have to say, that has to be one of the greatest compliments an Aunt could ever receive, and I will cherish that moment as long as I live. Kevin, I'll never get to meet the woman, who would take my place in your heart, ! but I know the love you had inside of you, and I know she would have been one lucky lady! Now, when I go to close my eyes at night, I still see those big beautiful eyes and those gorgeous dimples and thank God for every single minute he shared you with our family!! I love you Kevin,

Aunt Kimi.


Honored by: Treina Landrum, Friend

Kevin Shimek exemplified the modern day Renaisssance Man, a man of varied interests and talents. He was good musician, a great skier, a fun person to be with. I have many good memories of him visiting the ULM Water Ski Team in Monroe, Louisiana. We became good friends with him. One of my favorite memories is of him coming to a team dinner at my house and him playing guitar and me the djembe - Stevie Ray Vaughan's Voodoo Chile. Another fun memory is Kevin talking to me about how much his Water Skiing was improving. He asked me if he was good enough yet to be on the ULM Team. I told him, maybe the girl's team. At that time he was dating one of the best woman skiers in the world, Natallia Berdnikava, she was on the ULM Team.
Kevin and I talked about some songs we wanted to work on and play and sing together, some christian contemporary songs. We had plans to play together in the Fall.
The image of Kevin in my mind is of this handsome young man with a crazy great smile. Beautiful in so many ways, always looking for the next big adventure. It is amazing how people can touch your life, even those you don't spend a lot of time with. I think of Kevin often, a wonderful person who was loved by many, including me.

Treina Landrum
University of Louisiana at Monroe - Water Ski Team Coach

William Jordan Taylor

William Jordan Taylor
William Jordan Taylor

Honored by: Tammy Hudek, Friend

I know you are watching over us and I couldn't ask for a better angel. Memories are what we have to hold on to and believe me, there are a lot of those. I will cherish them forever. Until I see you again, always remember that I love you!!!

Erin Marie Thonsgaard

Erin Marie Thonsgaard
Erin Marie Thonsgaard

Honored by: Mary Thonsgaard, mother

Erin passed away on June 6, 2009 at the age of 21. Erin always had a smile on her face and was full of energy. She was my daughter and she was awaiting acceptance into Texas State Graduate School. She is missed by everyone that knew her. Erin was proud to be a student of Texas State and showed that pride by wearing her Texas State T-shirts.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of Erin. She was a blessing in all our lives. Erin will always live on in our hearts. I know she is in a better place and is watching over us as we go about our lives here. I have found the following quote that I would like to share...

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. ~From a headstone in Ireland. We love you Erin and Miss you dearly.



Linda Marie Monroe Tobias

Linda Marie Monroe Tobias
Linda Marie Monroe Tobias

Honored by: Tom and Barbara Monroe, Parents

Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. What a wonderful daughter you always are. Your vivacious personality, and generosity are evident in Tabitha and Troy, who miss their mom. You fought a good battle and we know you are now with God. We thank God every day for loaning you to us. You made us smile more often than you ever knew.
Mom and Dad 


Honored by: Cathy Garee, Sister

Linda had a way of making the smallest of endeavors an adventure. Life was always more fun and exciting through her eyes and I loved every minute I was able to spend my beautiful big sister. She had a huge heart and always had time for those in need or a little sister in need of a sympathetic ear. She taught me so much through out my life. Towards the end of her life she taught me how to be brave in the face of death, not to sweat the small stuff and to remember to always tell your loved ones how precious they are to you. My brave, beautiful sister...I miss you every day. 

Nicole A. Truxillo

Honored by: Dr. Gregg Marshall, Professor

What a wonderful example of young lady who would NEVER give up and pressed through health complications to pursue her dream. We thoroughly enjoyed having Nicole in our polysomnography program and enjoyed hearing her dreams of the future with children with sleep issues. I know that she touched lives wherever she went in the most wonderful way! The Respiratory Care faculty already miss Nicole and think of her often.

Mary Edith (Walton) Wimberley and Stanley Wimberley

Mary Edith and Albert Stanley Wimberley
Mary Edith and Albert Stanley Wimberley

Honored by: Walter F. Sommer III(Trey), Grandson

Unconditional love to the best Grandparents anyone can ask for. Thank you for the memories. I am blessed to have had so many. Will see you some day. 

Samuel Marion Womble

Samuel Womble
Samuel Womble

Honored by: Shirley Womble, wife

Sam entered the gates of heaven on August 13, 2009 after nine years of multiple myeloma and being on dialysis. He was a true hero and inspiration to all of us who were fortunate to know him. Sam had a distinguished 31 year career as a Vocational Agriculture Science teacher in the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, and Smithson Valley. He received his Master's Degree in Agriculture Education in 1987 from Southwest Texas State University. Sam was much more than a teacher; he was a mentor, a friend, and a father-figure to so many. He will always be loved and remembered for his compassion, strength, and his strong sense of value for his faith, family, and friends. "You are always in my heart!"

Brandy Alyssa Yeoman

Brandy Alyssa Yeoman
Brandy Alyssa Yeoman

Honored by: Rene' Yeoman, Mother

The day my daughter Brandy left this world we lost an amazing young woman who lived life to the fullest and accomplished much. A rare tumor took from us a rare gem, Brandy loved her family,her friends, her sports, her fashion, her education, her Zeta, her travel, her life and her world. Brandy knew what she wanted and made sure she accomplished it, her life long ambition and profession in sports marketing with the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers and living in a loft. Brandy is missed every second of every day, the smile, the laughter, the music, the beauty inside and out touched many. Her success, integrity, honesty, and respect came from family and faith. Brandy enjoyed Texas State and Zeta Tau Alpha, please let her memory live on in each of you always and forever...Never forget our Brandy. I love you Skinny,

Brandy's mom and momma

Rene' Yeoman